About Us

Meet the team and find out how we work.

Gaming Statistics Platform

We are not just a simple stats site. We are building a platform that will allow millions of players worldwide to see data about the game - how they play and how meta evolves as they have never thought is possible.

Our Mission.

Having started as toy project, we quickly discovered the immense depth of the data. It is our challenge to give views on game analysis that have not existed before. Our goal is to help the community learn and grow.

Want to Contribute?


We are building our product with HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, MariaDB and RabbitMQ using Docker. If you wish to join the team join our Discord Server where we talk and discuss all of our development and design ideas. If you like to code, just let us know and we can get you onboarded quickly.

Test and Inspire

We are always in need of people who share their ideas. We are open to discussions about functional capabilities and our future plans. You can also join our testing group and help us by testing the site and sharing bugs or improvements.


We plan to release all of our applications in all languages so that anyone across the world can access it easily. If you are willing to translate it for us, please let us know via our Discord Server or send us a Tweet.


We are running our site on a bunch of servers to provide you A Buttery Smooth Experience™. The bills don't make us starve, but it is still a noteworthy amount. You can support us via Patreon and pledge some donations every month that allows us to keep running this awesome site. Also, we urge you to disable any Ad Blockers you may have to help us pay the bills and continue development effort.

Meet us in game

StormCallerSrDeveloper, SEA

shutterflyDeveloper, EU

ShiqanDeveloper, EU