All your Questions answered in one place.

Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Scr? And how is it calculated?

Scr is a value VainSocial calculates based on your indivual performance in a match. Our Score is calculated using machine learning algorithms and takes into account kills, deaths, assists and CS. This underlying formula is updated regularly.

Q. How do you calculate TrueSkill?

TrueSkill is a the most popular match making algorithm in multiplayer gaming and is called the Elo for complex games. Only the players' ratings and the win/loss result of the match are taken into account. To accelerate placement, the first match takes your visual skill tier into account.

Q. Will there ever be a phone app?

Our small team is currently focused on analytics and the website. We are looking for mobile app developers who want to collaborate and build a mobile app. If you are interested reach out to us via Twitter or Discord.

Q. What happens if I change my name?

Your statistics and past matches will be updated accordingly the next time you search your new name.

Q. How is Mastery/Weakness calculated?

Mastery is calculated as the sum of your impact scores in matches times 5% for a win or 2% for a loss. Every score will be reduced by 1% for every day in the past for up to 60 days.

For a high score, you need to play a hero regularly and win often with a good KDA.

Weakness is the same score for heroes on the opposing team and tells you which heroes you are worst against.

Q. How is Impact score calculated?

Impact score is calculated as (kills * a) + (deaths * b) + (assists * c) + (CS * d) with a, b, c and d being constants specific to each role.